About DiTT

Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching

Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching is a consortium formed to research, develop and promote a conducive environment for all elementary and junior high school students in Japan to use digital textbooks.

Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching will spear-head this initiative, by to consolidating issues, proposing policies, develop hardware and software and conduct actual user-studies.

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science and the Ministry of General Affairs is currently cooperating with us.

We are currently recruiting management and general members for this initiative. Please feel free to contact us for interest in participation in the Digital Text Book and Teaching initiative.

Name of Organisation

Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching


Please refer to the "Promoting Digital Textbook and Teaching" section.

Activity Contents

Our activities include: Consolidating issues regarding Digital Textbooks and Teaching materials, conducting user-studies and experiments, promoting this initiative, proposing policies, etc.

Our key focus will be :

  1. 1.Examining the requirements of Digital Textbooks and Teaching-aids
  2. 2.Examining the business models and policies to promote this initiative
  3. 3.Planning and executing user-studies and experiments
  4. 4.Consolidating knowledge and proposing policy directions

*The "Digital Textbooks and Teaching" initiative is not limited to contents and applications, but extends to the design and prototyping of hardware and software for digital textbooks. It will also include the design of a conducive networked learning environments for digital technology.


For the time being, a voluntary organization is running the council, with its office situated at “You Go Lab” based in Tokyo. Various activities are formulated and implemented by the organization, with the participants of scholars and specialist in the related fields of studies. We also involve the participation of observers from the Government.

Commencement time

The launch of the "Digital Textbook and Teaching" was held on 27th May 2010, and the General Meeting for the Council was held on 27th July 2010.

Annual Fees

Management Membership : 1 million yen

Normal Membership : 240 thousand yen

Access and contact

You Go Lab
Misuji 313 Building 4f 3-13-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
e-mail : ditt@ditt.jp


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