About DiTT

Activities of Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching

1 Aim

  • ・To equip all elementary and junior high school students with digital textbooks and teaching materials.
  • ・In order to fulfill this, a consortium was formed to consolidate issues, propose policies, develop hardware and software, conduct actual experiments and promote the initiative.

2 Outline of activities

  • ・To examine, recommended specifications, openly discuss and cooperate with the government to decide standard guidelines.
  • ・In order to verify the guideline recommendation, user testing's would be conducted in various schools for further planning, development and commercialization of the various projects for this initiative.
  • ・To implement promotional efforts targeted at family households and schools.
  • ・To propose policies recommendations in the areas of education and information communication etc. to the government and self-governing bodies.

3 Organization

  • ・The council is an open organiation.
  • ・To recruit and develop future model committee members, promotional committee members, etc. under the general committee and executive committee.
  • ・The Organizing Committee will administer project planning, budget, etc., and carry out basic tasks for the Council.
  • ・Members are to participate in the committee activities.
  • ・The office is now situated at "You Go Lab" based in Tokyo.


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